Pigeon and seagull deterrents installed
  • Kent Bird Control Deterrent Installation

Kent Bird Control Services.

Bird control for pest pigeons and seagulls.

Kent Bird Control Services install pigeon and seagull deterrents including bird spikes, pigeon and gull netting, post and wire systems across Kent to stop pest pigeons and seagulls.

pigeon control kentKent Bird Control Services install bird proofing and deterrents for pest pigeons and seagulls in Kent.

We deal with all types of pest birds and only install quality, long lasting and humane methods of pigeon and seagull deterrents including:

  • Pigeon spikes, Seagull spikes
  • Solar panel protection
  • Post and wire systems
  • Bird netting for both pigeon and seagull protection
  • Bespoke design systems
  • Avishock bird deterrent installation
  • Ultrasonic bird repellant systems

Our professional installations are ideal for schools, colleges, hospitals, office blocks, shopping centres, churches, industrial units, shop fronts, signage and residential properties.

If you are experiencing problems with pigeons or seagulls call our bird control company in Kent FREE on 0800 234 3511 or 07802 270407.

pigeon and gull netting
Bird Control Spikes
Avishock Bird control

We can arrange a free site survey to discuss the best method of control for your pigeon or seagull problem in Kent, Essex, London, Surrey or Sussex.

Controlling pest pigeons and seagulls in Kent.

Every year thousands of pounds are spent by local businesses and councils across Kent on clean up operations from the damage caused by pigeons and seagulls.

Pigeon droppings are acidic which can cause damage to buildings – particularly roofing materials and it is not uncommon for rainwater pipes and guttering to become blocked from nesting materials.

Kent Bird Control ServicesPigeon droppings also carry airborne bacteria. If nesting is close to air conditioning units contaminates can be drawn in which can create blockages and may cause health issues.

Besides any damage, buildings look less attractive and may even put off clientèle which is especially true of restaurants, bars and anywhere that hygiene is a high priority.

Once pigeons flock to an area it is not long before they appear in greater numbers. Get in touch with Kent Bird Control Services before the problem gets worse!

Kent Bird Control Services operate under the general and class licenses issued by Natural England to undertake removal of bird nests and management of birds.

All work is carried out in line with Natural England Licensing and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


Our staff are also CITB/CSCS trained allowing us to work on construction sites where the installation of bird control deterrents are required.