Pigeon and seagull deterrents installed

Optical Fire Gel

Optical Fire Gel for pest bird control in Kent.

A discreet bird control solution against pest pigeons.

Optical Fire Gel pest pigeon control in KentStanding at only 8mm high Optical Fire Gel is the ideal solution for customers who want a low profile approach to getting rid of pest pigeons.

Optical Fire Gel can be installed anywhere (including difficult areas) where pigeons are causing a nuisance or nesting.

The product itself is made from natural, food grade oils and works by giving off a visual signal that fire is present!


Check out the video below to see Optical Fire Gel in action.

Fire Gel is a great choice for hotels, historical, protected and listed buildings, restaurants, anywhere indoors or outdoors and is installed with a commercial strength adhesive.

It will not degrade and works in all kinds of weather – even snow! The area will need to be thoroughly cleaned prior to installation.

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