Pigeon and seagull deterrents installed

Post and Wire System For Bird Control

Post and Wire Bird Control in Kent.

A discreet bird control method to deter pest pigeons and seagulls.

We fit post and wire systems in Kent to a variety of surfaces such as window sills, roof edges, concrete ledges and metal surfaces where bird presence is light.

post and wire bird control Kent

Example of work where post and wire was fitted to a building in central London

Once installed post and wire will deter pest birds from landing and works against both pigeons and gulls.

The installation consists of post being fitted at determined distances with a stainless steel coated wire run from end to end to protect the affected area.

The wire is finally tensioned using springs which make sit difficult for birds to land.

Post and wire requires little or no maintenance once installed due to its rigid and long lasting material.

We fit post and wire to various types of buildings in Kent.

From ground level the system is hard to see making ideal for customers who require a discreet deterrent.

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