Pigeon and seagull deterrents installed

Seagull Netting Installation

Seagull Netting Installation in Kent.

We install seagull netting for all building types in Kent.

Kent Bird Control Services Ltd provide professional installations of seagull netting in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and Essex.

Seagull netting is one of our most popular products that we install as an effective deterrent against gulls to stop them roosting, perching or generally being a nuisance.

Seagull netting installation by Kent Bird Control ServicesWe can install netting on any building covering a large expanse or to protect statues, building fronts, industrial or commercial premises, shopping malls and just about anywhere that requires a flexible and discreet approach for seagull control in Kent.

Seagull net comes in a range of colours – Black, stone and translucent to blend with the aesthetics of the building.

Netting is fire retardant, long lasting and knotless which prevents the build up of debris. We can also fit net zips for ease of access to areas such as boiler houses or roof access points.

Installing seagull netting in Kent, London, Sussex, Essex, Surrey.

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We will discuss the best deterrent for your seagull problem in Kent.

Seagull netting can be combined with other deterrents such as seagull spikes, the Avishock electric bird deterrent system and any other control methods.

Once you are happy with the quotation our professional installers will provide you with all the necessary documents before we make a start. These include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • COSHH Information (If applicable)
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Copy of Insurance

NOTE: Depending on site condition it may be advisable to have the affected area professionally cleaned by us if there is an existing build up of bird droppings to combat any health and safety implications.